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Let's create content that attracts the customers you really want. 

Photograph of Suhanya Ketheeswaran, sole proprietor and owner of Build with Empathy

Hi, I'm Suhanya.

As a frontline worker who then became a marketer, I've learned that being a helper is key to attracting customers. 

You're already helping people every day with the products and services you offer. Now let's get the content in your marketing materials to do the same thing.
Everything you see below can be customized based on what makes the most sense for your needs - let's schedule a free consult to talk more!



Website Design

Your website is where most people have their very first interaction with your brand. It's how they get to know who you are and what you have to offer. It's also what customers often use to make split-second decisions about your credibility.

Worried your website isn't doing your brand justice? We can help you create a better one!

Image showing a website designed by Build with Empathy for Lead with Brilliance, an executive leadership coaching company
A photo showing content (presentation slides) designed and developed by Build with Empathy for Argus Residence, a housing services non-profit in Waterloo Region

Content Creation

You have valuable expertise to share. We turn complex ideas into visually engaging designs.

Whether it's a slide deck, an annual report, or a different product you need - let's work together to get your ideas across

Content Strategy

Creating content takes time and resources, even if you're doing the work yourself. A content strategy is key to ensuring all of that effort actually aligns with the results you want.

Build with Empathy can help you get clear on what you want your content to say - and why. We'll also help you develop a plan to make sure the work actually gets done and is being measured along the way.

An image showing a testimonial about strategic marketing support provided by Build with Empathy to DO/ABLE Coaching and Consulting Services


Let's See What We Can Accomplish Together

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